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Numerous studies have shown that alterations in sympathetic nervous system (SNS) function produced by beta-adrenergic receptor blockade or chemical sympathectomy can produce changes in T and B lymphocyte function and both innate and acquired immune responses. However, fewer studies have investigated changes in immune response following SNS alterations in(More)
In susceptible strains of mice, the LP-BM5 mixture of murine retroviruses induces the fatal immunodeficiency disease known as murine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (murine AIDS or MAIDS). We have previously reported that murine AIDS produces a profound depletion of splenic norepinephrine (NE). Here, we demonstrate that NE depletion is limited to the(More)
Strain differences have been invoked to explain differing results when studying neural-immune interactions in laboratory animals. We investigated the splenic norepinephrine (NE) content and concentration in three strains of male mice (BALB/C, C57BL/6, and DBA/2), as well as possible diurnal variability in this innervation. Diurnal plasma corticosterone(More)
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