Sheila O. Denn

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As part of an NSF-funded effort to work toward a national statistical knowledge network, we have been working to determine what elements of statistical metadata are most crucial for end users as they attempt to find and use data from US Federal statistical websites. We report here preliminary findings from a study conducted to compare how experts and end(More)
We have created a federated database for genome studies of Magnaporthe grisea, the causal agent of rice blast disease, by integrating end sequence data from BAC clones, genetic marker data and BAC contig assembly data. A library of 9216 BAC clones providing >25-fold coverage of the entire genome was end sequenced and fingerprinted by HindIII digestion. The(More)
1 Rapid adoption of the World Wide Web over the past decade by both content producers and information consumers has resulted in greater volumes of content on an ever-widening array of subjects to be available to larger numbers of users. Clearly we are past the stage at which the primary challenge is being able to put the information where the public can(More)
In my research, I am interested in the concept of integration in information seeking and use environments. In particular, I am interested in integration as it manifests itself in the three primary components of an information system: the user, the information architecture, and the user interface. These concepts are currently being played out on the World(More)
For the purpose of clarifying the presence of nuclear proteins which may induce cell division, we conducted experiments using ciliate Tetrahymena which can be synchronized at the G2 phase in the cell cycle easily by periodic heat shock treatment (HST): We obtained proteins from the nuclei isolated from the cells grown at the early mid log-phase, at the G2(More)
1. It is understood that metadata availability can enhance retrieval processes, improve online information organization and navigation, and facilitate user understanding of online objects. Our work focuses on developing an understanding of how and when users utilize metadata in order to model the resultant metadata requirements to support electronic access(More)