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Surgical practice in India is mostly managed by the central and state governments and is totally government financed, offering free medical aid. However, with the economic growth and affluence of the middle-class population in urban areas, more and more hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics managed by the private sector are arising in cities and towns.(More)
The immune response to T helper (Th) cell determinants of a variety of antigens is often poor and limits severely the potential efficacy of current therapeutic measures through vaccination. Here, we report that an immunologically silent tumor determinant can be rendered immunogenic if linked with a dominant determinant of a parasite antigen, suggesting the(More)
  • S Mukerjee
  • 1963
A bacteriophage-typing scheme for Vibrio cholerae has been developed on the basis of the pattern of susceptibility of V. cholerae strains to four groups of freshly isolated cholera bacteriophages. Some 4066 strains of V. cholerae isolated in Calcutta during the period 1955-61 have been classified into seven types and subtypes. Less than 1% of the strains(More)