Sheila Mongeon

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This study uses population-based estimates to assess the sensitivity and representativeness of an injury surveillance system using a 1-year population-based approach. Data from the Ottawa Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program (CHIRPP) site (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario) were compared with those from six expansion sites. The(More)
By using a novel technique we have been able to follow the clearance and distribution of fluorescent latex particles injected into both the midventral sinus and pericardial sinus of the freshwater cray-fish,Orconecte virilis. The fluorescene of various tissues was determined over post-injection periods ranging from 1 h to 20 days. Particles were rapidly(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the association between clinician-assessed performance-based measures of improvement in lifting ability and workplace tolerance and patient self-reported improvement in pain and perceived disability following work conditioning (WC). METHODS A sample of 76 patients (42 +/- 9 yrs, 21 to 60 yrs, 74% male) was selected from a(More)
Leakage and dielectric breakdown of SiO<sub>2</sub> are studied for Cu interconnect structures with either stand-alone CoWP or two-layer CoWP+SiN caps. Without a post-CoWP plasma clean, there are many early fails and the dielectric breakdown exhibits bimodal behavior. By adding a plasma clean after CoWP deposition, the early fails can be eliminated and high(More)
Stress migration lifetime is characterized for a CoWP-only cap process (i.e. no dielectric cap) and a CoWP + SiN cap process. For the CoWP-only process, the stress migration lifetime depends on the CoWP thickness. In order to achieve a long stress migration lifetime, the CoWP must be sufficiently thick to protect the Cu during the via etch and strip(More)
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