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Transsexual Bodies at the Olympics: The International Olympic Committee's Policy on Transsexual Athletes at the 2004 Athens Summer Games
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has always been plagued by what queer theorist Judith Butler calls gender trouble. In 2000, the IOC discontinued their practice of sex-testing becauseExpand
Female-Teacher Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Ontario, Canada
[The Romans] created the cult of the Vestal Virgins, high-minded priestesses of the goddess Vesta, Guardian Angel of Mankind and Keeper of the Hearth. These priestesses were educated in specialExpand
Spinsters, Schoolmarms, and Queers: Female teacher gender and sexuality in medicine and psychoanalytic theory and history
This paper examines the social construction of white, female, spinster teacher personality profiles in the first half of the 20th century. Focusing on the psychological, medical, and psychoanalyticExpand
The Gender of Professionalism and Occupational Closure: The management of tenure-related disputes by the 'Federation of Women Teachers' Associations of Ontario' 1918-1949
This article examines how the gender of professionalism is central to an understanding of occupational closure. Using the social history of the Federation of Women Teachers' Associations of OntarioExpand
Transgender Embodiment: A Lacanian Approach.
The author uses Lacanian psychoanalysis to conceptualize transgender embodiment, focusing on the Lacanian concept "objet a" to analyze how transpeople may be uniquely attuned to a fundamental lack inExpand
Sex in the lesbian teacher's closet: the hybrid proliferation of queers in school1
Using feminist, queer and postcolonial theories, this paper analyzes the public commentary and anxious concern about child-welfare in a recent lesbian teacher sex scandal in Vancouver, Canada,Expand
The Pedagogy of the Pastor: The Formation of the Social Studies Curriculum in Ontario
The Ontario social studies curriculum, developed in the first half of the 20th century, was modelled on the techniques of the Christian pastorate. I use a Foucaultian methodology to argue that thisExpand
Affect, Performance, and Ethnographic Methods in Queer Bathroom Monologues
As a critical methodology, performance ethnography offers researchers a unique opportunity to tap into what I call queer social scientific remainders by using the dramatic staging of ethnographicExpand