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Lacan and Contemporary Film
A Psychoanalytic Reading of Austin Powers
Against Limits: Deleuze, Lacan, and the Possibility of Love
In his “encounter” with Deleuze’s philosophy in Organs without Bodies, Slavoj Žižek (2004) pinpoints the essential difference between Hegel and Deleuze, as follows: “The difference is not betweenExpand
Comedic Skin Eruptions
Comedic Skin Eruptions: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Austin Powers
When something of unknown origin appears on the skin we are transported momentarily into the dimension of the Freudian uncanny. As if to announce itself as a bit of the Real, a bump, lesion orExpand
Embracing the Paradox: Žižek’s Illogical Logic
$urplus: Spinoza, Lacan, by A. Kiarina Kordela. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2007
In this review I trace Kordela's original and brilliantly argued claim that the Spinozian-Marxian line of thought finds its proper articulation in contemporary Lacanian psychoanalysis. I illuminateExpand
Feminism in the Logic of Late Capitalism
This essay considers how Feminism might become a force for radical change as construed through two perspectives: the Marxist vision of Kathi Weeks and the Hegelian logic of Slavoj Žižek. I begin byExpand