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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Posterior circulation stroke accounts for 20% of ischaemic strokes. Recent data suggest that the early stroke recurrence risk is high and comparable with carotid artery disease. Vertebral artery stenosis accounts for approximately 20% of posterior circulation stroke, and with endovascular treatment available accurate diagnostic(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Cervical dissection is an important cause of stroke in the young. This paper presents a systematic review and a meta-analysis to assess the effectiveness of different treatment approaches: antithrombotic drugs, thrombolysis and stenting. METHODS Medline and PubMed were searched from 1966 to 8 April 2007. Reference lists were(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether low-dose aspirin increases morbidity after transrectal ultrasonography-guided sextant prostate biopsy. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a single-centre prospective cohort study of 200 patients who underwent sextant prostate biopsies, those routinely taking low-dose aspirin were encouraged to continue to do so before and after biopsy.(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether microalbuminuria is an independent prognostic factor for the development of diabetic complications and whether improved glycaemic or blood pressure control has a greater influence on the development of diabetic complications in those with microalbuminuria than in those with normoalbuminuria. DATA SOURCES Electronic(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the frequency and risk factors for incident and redetected Chlamydia trachomatis infection in sexually active, young, multi-ethnic women in the community. DESIGN Cohort study. SETTING 20 London universities and Further Education colleges. PARTICIPANTS 954 sexually experienced women, mean age 21.5 years (range 16-27), 26% from(More)
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