Sheila Jacobson

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OBJECTIVE To determine if an intervention for preschool-aged children in primary care is effective in reducing screen time, meals in front of the television, and BMI. METHODS A randomized controlled trial was conducted at a primary care pediatric group practice in Toronto, Canada. Three-year-old children and their parents were randomly assigned to receive(More)
The relationship between the process of psychotherapy and patient outcome, as measured by completion or relapse, was examined in an eight-month trial of therapy with outpatient depressed women. Of four therapy components analyzed, discussion of mental symptoms and overt expression of anxiety were significantly associated with relapse.
Path analyses using data from 72 men and 78 women between 22 and 32 years of age compared two models linking personality (conflict resolution styles, intimacy maturity, and occupational identity status) and social roles (family and work status) to young adults' alcohol use. Poor conflict resolution skills and less adult work statuses best accounted for(More)
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