Sheila E. Everett

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Following atmospheric nuclear weapons testing in the 1950s and 1960s significant quantities of (137)Cs and (239+240)Pu were deposited worldwide. In recent decades, (137)Cs has been commonly used as a tracer of soil erosion and sedimentation, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere where atomic deposition was three times as great as in the Southern(More)
The construction of high resolution chronologies of sediment profiles corresponding to the last 50-100 years usually entails the measurement of fallout radionuclides (210)Pb and (137)Cs. The anthropogenic radionuclide, (137)Cs, originating from atmospheric nuclear weapons testing can provide an important "first appearance" horizon of known age (1954-1955),(More)
We present a study of the pre-protostellar core L1544. A series of self-consistent, three-dimensional continuum radiative transfer models are constructed. The outputs of these models are convolved with appropriate telescope beam responses, and compared with existing SCUBA data. The resulting comparison allows us to constrain the structure of L1544. We find(More)
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