Sheila B. Flynn

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The perception of affordances for the actions of other people (actors) was examined. Observers judged the maximum and preferred sitting heights of tall and short actors. Judgments were scaled in centimeters, as a proportion of the observer's leg length, and as a proportion of each actor's leg length. In Experiment 1 observers viewed live actors standing(More)
A number of agents that mimic the ability of the thyroid hormone, T3, to decrease plasma cholesterol levels are described; one is as effective as T3 at reducing cholesterol levels and stimulating liver function, but has very little effect on cardiac function and is thus less likely to be toxic. The agent may be useful in the treatment of atherosclerosis.
We investigated the changes in cardiac function following alterations in thyroid state of rats, using the isolated working heart preparation. This technique allows heart rate, contractility, and pump function to be studied under controlled conditions. Surgical thyroidectomy resulted in significant impairment of cardiac function. Single doses of(More)
1 Differentiation of the roles of histamine H1- and H2-receptors in the mediation of the effects of histamine on the isolated working heart of the guinea-pig was achieved through the use of histamine and selective histamine receptor agonists and antagonists. 2 Histamine over the dose range 10(-9) mol to 10(-6) mol produced dose-related increases in sinus(More)
1. The vasodilator activity of histamine has been studied in anaesthetized cats. 2. Histamine causes dose-dependent vasodilatation in the vasculature of the hind-limb and mesentery, perfused with blood at constant flow. 3. Experiments using the selective antagonists mepyramine and metiamide indicate the involvement of both H1- and H2-receptors in the(More)
1 The cardiovascular responses to dimaprit (S-(3-dimethylaminopropyl) isothiourea) a selective histamine H2-receptor agonist have been studied in anaesthetized cats, dogs, rats and rabbits. 2 Dimaprit lowered systemic arterial blood pressure in all species whether given by intravenous injection or by continous infusion. Intra-arterial injections or(More)
Adults without mental retardation commonly fail to notice nominally obvious aspects of naturalistic scenes (Becklen & Cervone, 1983). We replicated and extended this effect to adults with mild mental retardation. Adults with and without retardation viewed a 60-second videotape of an amateur basketball game. They were instructed to press a button whenever(More)