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BACKGROUND Research abstracts are frequently referenced in orthopaedic textbooks and influence orthopaedic care. However, little is known about the quality of information provided in the abstracts, the frequency of publication of complete papers after presentation of abstracts, or any discrepancies between abstracts and published papers. The objective of(More)
Radiographic assessment of tibial fracture healing continues to pose significant challenges to both routine fracture care and clinical research. Orthopaedic surgeons fail to achieve sufficient agreement on fracture healing when using conventional radiographic measures such as their general impression or the number of cortices bridged by callus. Moreover,(More)
BACKGROUND Low response rates among surgeons can threaten the validity of surveys. Internet technologies may reduce the time, effort, and financial resources needed to conduct surveys. OBJECTIVE We investigated whether using Web-based technology could increase the response rates to an international survey. METHODS We solicited opinions from the 442(More)
BACKGROUND The assessment of fracture healing is both a clinically relevant and frequently used outcome measure following lower extremity trauma. However, it remains uncertain whether there is a consensus in the assessment of fracture healing among orthopaedic surgeons. Variability in the assessment of healing may have important implications in surgeons'(More)
BACKGROUND Accurate prediction of likelihood of reoperation in patients with tibial shaft fractures would facilitate optimal management. Previous studies were limited by small sample sizes and noncomprehensive examination of possible risk factors. OBJECTIVE We conducted an observational study to determine which prognostic factors were associated with an(More)
To identify and evaluate the evidence for the pivot shift test as an outcome measure following ACL reconstruction. Achieving rotatory control of the knee post anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction has been shown to increase patient satisfaction, decrease functional instability and potentially delay the development of osteoarthritis. The pivot(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal choice for the stabilization of displaced femoral neck fractures remains controversial, with alternatives including arthroplasty and internal fixation. Our objective was to determine the effect of arthroplasty (hemiarthroplasty, bipolar arthroplasty, and total hip arthroplasty), compared with that of internal fixation, on rates of(More)
A quantitative systematic review of randomized and quasirandomized trials was conducted to determine the effect of surgical versus conservative treatment of acute Achilles tendon ruptures on rates of rerupture. Secondary outcomes included deep infection rates, return to normal function, and minor complaints. A search of computerized databases was conducted(More)
BACKGROUND Conflicting reports exist in the medical literature regarding the association between industry funding and published research findings. In this study, we examine the association between industry funding and the statistical significance of results in recently published medical and surgical trials. METHODS We examined a consecutive series of 332(More)
BACKGROUND Oral presentations at national and international meetings offer an excellent forum for the dissemination of current research findings. However, publication rates of full-text articles after presentation of abstracts at international meetings have ranged from 11% to 78%, which suggests that at least 32% of the abstracts presented are never(More)