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With recent technological advancements, multiparametric MRI (mpMRI) has evolved into an important tool in the detection, localization and staging of prostate cancer. Optimization of image quality is paramount to mpMRI technique. While PI-RADS version 2 established guidelines for minimum technical parameters, there is no uniformity in mpMRI protocols across(More)
Liver function tests and Entamoeba histolytica (E.H.) antibody titres have been studied in a variety of tropical and liver diseases. Patients with hepatic amoebiasis had a raised E.H. antibody titre and tended to have a low pseudocholinesterase activity. In two cases of amoebic liver abscess, which were treated by aspiration and emetine, there was a(More)
Currently, there is no convenient and safe experimental method in the literature to evaluate skin protectant formulations for barrier properties. A novel and simple experimental method, based on paper chromatography, was developed to screen a broad spectrum of skin protectants available for moisture penetration. The method involves the use of paper(More)
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