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Kinetic and equilibrium adsorption of methylene blue and remazol dyes onto steam-activated carbons developed from date pits
Abstract Steam-activated carbons DS2 and DS5 were prepared by gasifying 600 °C-date pits carbonization products with steam at 950 °C to burn-off = 20 and 50%, respectively. The textural properties ofExpand
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Structural, textural and catalytic properties of pure and Li-doped NiO/Al2O3 and CuO/Al2O3 catalysts
Abstract Pure and Li-doped NiO/Al 2 O 3 and CuO/Al 2 O 3 catalysts were prepared to contain 2, 4 and 8 wt.% of Ni and Cu, respectively. The structural properties were determined using DTA, XRD andExpand
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Effect of europium loading on the photoluminescence property of europium incorporated 3D-Mesoporous silica
Abstract Here, for the first time, europium was incorporated into the open-structure three-dimensional mesoporous siliceous material. Samples with different loadings of europium were synthesizedExpand
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Enhancement the photocatalytic performance of semiconductors through composite formation with Eu-TUD-1
Abstract In the current article, two different functionalities were employed to enhance the photocatalytic performance of the two famous semiconductors; ZnO and TiO2, under UV light illumination.Expand
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Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of l‐Histidine by Permanganate Ions in Sulfuric Acid Medium
The reaction kinetics for the oxidation of l-histidine by permanganate ions have been investigated spectrophotometrically in sulfuric acid medium at constant ionic strength and temperature. The orderExpand
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Kinetics and mechanistic approach to the chromic acid oxidation of l-tryptophan with a spectral detection of chromium(III) product
Abstract The kinetics of chromic acid oxidation of l -tryptophan in H 2 SO 4 medium at a constant ionic strength of 0.6 mol dm −3 and at 25 °C have been investigated spectrophotometrically. TheExpand
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Base-catalyzed oxidation of l-asparagine by alkaline permanganate and the effect of alkali metal ion catalysts: a kinetic and mechanistic approach
Kinetic investigations on the oxidation of l-asparagine (Asn) by alkaline permanganate have been carried out spectrophotometrically at a constant ionic strength and temperature. The reaction is firstExpand
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Preparation and characterization of highly active Pd nanoparticles supported Mn3O4 catalyst for low-temperature CO oxidation
Abstract Two methods were used to prepare Mn3O4 followed by deposition of Pd nanoparticles with 2 and 4 wt.%. The textural and structural properties were characterized by several methods. The XRDExpand
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Pd nanoparticles supported on iron oxide nanorods for CO oxidation: Effect of preparation method
Abstract In this work, Pd nanoparticles was precipitated over iron oxide that prepared through two basic approaches to look for better dispersion of Pd nanoparticles and robust catalyst for carbonExpand
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