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The so far unexplored H. Orientalis cv. Olympicus exhibits a unique pattern of flower senescence, involving re-greening of creamy white petaloid sepals at the later stages. The greenish sepals become photosynthetically competent immediately after pollination and persist until the seeds are set. After the seed set, the entire (green) flower abscises from the(More)
Cut spikes of Consolida ajacis cv. Violet Blue were used for the study. The ethylene antagonist (STS) was used in combination with cool storage for 72 h at 5°C to assess the synergistic effect of both chemical and temperature treatment on postharvest performance of cut spikes. The spikes were divided into three sets, one set was pretreated with STS (1 h(More)
Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor (CTVT) also known as infectious sarcoma, venereal granuloma, transmissible lymphosarcoma or stickers sarcoma, is a benign reticuloendothelial (histiocytic) tumor of the dog (17) that mainly affects the external genitalia. TVT is located mainly in the mucosa of the external genitalia of both sexes (1). It is located on the(More)
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