Sheikh Ghafoor

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Abstract –– General–purpose programmers have come to expect a high degree of portability among widely varying architectures. Advances in run–time systems for parallel programs have been proposed in order to harness available resources as efficiently as possible. Simultaneously, advances in algorithmic ways of dynamically balancing computational load have(More)
Resource management for scientiic applications in distributed computing environments is a complex problem. Over time, various techniques to manage resources at either coarse or ne levels of granularity in a network of workstations (NOW) have been proposed. A technique which has proven to be highly eeective at the ner level of granularity is Fractiling. It(More)
Security illiteracy is a very common problem among Computer Science (CS) graduates entering the nation's digital workforce, which has contributed to a national cyber-infrastructure that could and should be more resilient to cyber-enemies than it is now. The Security Knitting Kit (SecKnitKit) project aims to improve security awareness, knowledge, and(More)
Adaptive parallel applications that can change resources during execution, promise better system utilization and increased application performance. Furthermore, they open the opportunity for developing a new class of parallel applications driven by unpredictable data and events, capable of amassing huge resources on demand. This paper discusses some of the(More)
Load balancing increases the eÆcient use of existing resources for parallel and distributed applications. At a coarse level of granularity, advances in runtime systems for parallel programs have been proposed in order to control available resources as eÆciently as possible by utilizing idle resources and using task migration. Simultaneously, at a ner(More)
Resource management for scientiic applications in a vast distributed computing environment , such as the worldwide interconnected networks (Internet, Web), is a complex problem. This paper investigates various techniques used to manage resources in a network of workstations at both coarse and ne levels of granularity. A new strategy which combines two(More)
With increased focus on the global computing infrastructure's vulnerability to cyber-attacks - the time is right for security integration across the computer science curriculum to contribute to a cyber-ready workforce. The challenges to integrating security into computer science (CS) curriculum are significant---lack of faculty to teach security, a dearth(More)
Most of the world's population lives near a freshwater source or on the coast and are thus vulnerable to the rise in water level. There are around 260 trans-boundary water bodies that cover more than 40% of the Earth's land surface and account for 60% of global freshwater flow [1] [2]. Most developing countries located at the downstream end of a large river(More)