Sheharyar Pervez

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A new animal model of invasive aspergillosis is described in which female New Zealand White rabbits were immunosuppressed with corticosteroids and cyclophosphamide and were given an intratracheal inoculation of 4 x 10(4) conidia of Aspergillus fumigatus. Thirteen of 15 animals survived during a 10-day-period of observation. Most had clinical signs of a(More)
Growth of the human squamous cervical carcinoma cell line, HOG-I, was stimulated in response to oestradiol in serum-containing and chemically defined medium. The oestradiol-stimulated growth could be inhibited by 4-OH tamoxifen, progesterone and medroxyprogesterone acetate; the last 2 compounds also inhibited basal cell growth in serum-containing and(More)
To demonstrate the precise distribution and binding of in vivo injected monoclonal antibodies on histological tumour sections, we have biotinylated our primary antibody AUA1. Biotinylated antibody was injected into nude mice bearing simultaneous subcutaneous and intraperitoneal xenografts of the human tumour LoVo. Twenty-four hours after injection, the(More)
The mouse monoclonal antibody (MAb) AUA1, when applied on LoVo tumour sections, reacts by staining all tumour cells, on their cell surfaces. To investigate the accessibility of these sites to antibody when the tumour is present as a solid mass in vivo, subcutaneous xenografts of LoVo were first prepared in nude mice. The mice were then injected(More)
We describe 2-step and 3-step strategies for intraperitoneal tumor radio-localization by means of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). Nude mice bearing intraperitoneal human colon carcinoma tumors were injected i.p. with biotinylated MAb AUAI, followed 24 hr later by radioiodinated streptavidin (2-step). The uptake of radioactivity in tumor and normal tissues was(More)
The Ets transcription factor ESE-l has previously been implicated in the regulation of epithelial-specific genes. We now show that ESE-l is inducible in non-epithelial cells such as synovial fibroblasts, chondrocytes, osteoblasts, monocytes, and glial cells by IL-lb, TNF-a, and LPS. The upregulation of ESE-l by pro-inflammatory cytokines and endotoxin(More)
1. Atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) levels were measured in cardiac tissues and in plasma from adult rats exposed to chronic alveolar hypoxia for periods of 2 h, 24 h and 7 days. Levels were also measured in rats that were maintained in hypoxia for 7 days and then returned to air for 24 h. 2. Plasma ANP was not altered at 2 h but was significantly increased(More)
Two monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) AUAI and HMFGI recognize antigens located on different membrane domains of polarized epithelial cells. We have assessed the accessibility of these antigens in multicellular tumour spheroids produced in culture using a well-polarized (HRA-19) and a non-polarized cell line (LoVo) of human large-bowel carcinoma origin.(More)
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