Shehar Bano

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Chainspace is a decentralized infrastructure, known as a distributed ledger, that supports user defined smart contracts and executes user-supplied transactions on their objects. The correct execution of smart contract transactions is verifiable by all. The system is scalable, by sharding state and the execution of transactions, and using S-BAC, a(More)
Currently we have seen a very sharp increase in network traffic. Due to this increase, the size of attack log files has also increased greatly and using conventional techniques to mine the logs and get some meaningful analyses about the DDoS attacker's location and possible victims has become increasingly difficult. We propose a technique using Hadoop's(More)
The blockchain initially gained traction in 2008 as the technology underlying Bitcoin [104], but now has been employed in a diverse range of applications and created a global market worth over $150B as of 2017. What distinguishes blockchains from traditional distributed databases is the ability to operate in a decentralized setting without relying on a(More)
In the current scenario demand of power is increasing day by day with increasing population. On the other hand energy crisis is also a main issue of today’s life and all there is a shortage of conventional energy resources due to its large usage. So, we have to sort out this problem with a technique which will not only overcome this energy crisis but also(More)
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