Shehan Perera

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Analysing the data warehouses to foresee the patterns of the transactions often needs high computational power and memory space due to the huge set of past history of the data transactions. Apriori algorithm is a mostly learned and implemented algorithm that mines the data warehouses to find the associations. Frequent item set mining with vertical data(More)
In this paper we analyze the medium access control (MAC) of fixed WiMAX with respect to best effort (BE) traffic. WiMAX employs a contention based method with exponential backoff to facilitate multiple access. A two-dimensional Markov chain can be used to accurately model the backoff procedure. From this we derived expressions for channel access(More)
With vast amounts of data being produced, present world is overwhelmed with information and searching for appropriate content has turned out to be harder than ever before. Semantics, which typically focuses on the relationship between signifiers, such as words, phrases, signs and symbols, and what they stand for is now being used more and more in search(More)
An analysis of the impact of the packetization interval for constant bit rate traffic has been done in the context of IEEE 802.16 MAC layer. Bandwidth used for overheads which include lower layer headers as well as retransmissions at the MAC layer are considered. An optimal packetization interval selection method for delay sensitive applications such as(More)
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