Shehadi Dayekh

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Localizing people in confined and underground areas is one of the topics under research in mining labs and industries. The position of personnel and equipments in areas such as mines is of high importance because it improves industrial safety and security. Due to the special nature of underground environments, signals transmitted in a mine gallery/tunnel(More)
In the mining industry, knowing the position of miners and/or equipments is an important safety measure that reduces risks and improves the security of that facility. Being an indoor environment, wireless transmitted signals in underground narrow-vein mines suffer multiple kinds of distortions due to extreme multipath and non-line of sight (NLOS)(More)
One of the main concerns in the mining industry is ensuring the safety and security of miners and their equipment. Being aware of the real-time position of personnel in such harsh environments within a special quasi-curvilinear topology is challenging and requires a sophisticated localization system. While traditional triangulation techniques fail to(More)
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