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Although torque enhancement in multiphase induction machines using harmonic current injection has been addressed in the literature, a detailed assessment of the effect of this enhancement on the design parameters of multiphase machines with different numbers of phases is needed. This paper addresses this topic by performing a detailed comparative study of(More)
The modeling of PV (photovoltaic) systems is very crucial for embedded power system applications and maximum power point tracking. This paper presents a PV array model using Matlab/Simulink with the assistance of SimPowerSystem toolbox. The PV cell is considered as the main building block for simulating and monitoring the PV array performance. The PV model(More)
VFT (variable frequency transformer) has been recently used as an alternative to HVDC (high voltage direct current) to control power flow between asynchronous networks. VFT consumes less reactive power than a back-to-back HVDC system, provides faster initial transient recovery, and has better natural damping capability. VFT is simply a DFIM (doubly-fed(More)
To extend the operating speed range of a conventional configuration of FESS (flywheel energy storage system), an additional DC-DC boost converter is required between the machine and grid side converters to regulate the output voltage. This paper presents a new FESS based on three-phase boost inverter topology. The proposed system facilitates voltage boost(More)