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Segmental patterning in Drosophila relies on a cascade of transcription factors that subdivide the embryo into successively more precise domains. We have identified a missense mutation (W049) in the gene encoding the transcriptional elongation factor Spt5 (reviewed in ) which, when homozygous in the maternal germ line, leads to defects in segmental(More)
The efficacy of all major insecticide classes continues to be eroded by the development of resistance mediated, in part, by selection of alleles encoding insecticide insensitive target proteins. The discovery of new insecticide classes acting at novel protein binding sites is therefore important for the continued protection of the food supply from insect(More)
Date ii DEDICATION To my Mother for all her love, support, and sacrifice. To my sister for her encouragement, faith and believing in me. To Milan bhai for showing, directing, and guiding me on the right path of life and lastly to my Father who couldn't be here, but for allowing me to fulfill his dream. Thank You. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank(More)
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