Sheetal Shah

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Based on clinical activity in phase 2 studies, lenalidomide was evaluated in a phase 2/3 study in patients with relapsed/refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Following tumor lysis syndrome (TLS) complications, the protocol was amended to a phase 1 study to identify the maximum tolerated dose-escalation level (MTDEL). Fifty-two heavily pretreated(More)
The efficacy of all major insecticide classes continues to be eroded by the development of resistance mediated, in part, by selection of alleles encoding insecticide insensitive target proteins. The discovery of new insecticide classes acting at novel protein binding sites is therefore important for the continued protection of the food supply from insect(More)
Segmental patterning in Drosophila relies on a cascade of transcription factors that subdivide the embryo into successively more precise domains. We have identified a missense mutation (W049) in the gene encoding the transcriptional elongation factor Spt5 (reviewed in ) which, when homozygous in the maternal germ line, leads to defects in segmental(More)
BACKGROUND Insecticide discovery screens carried out on whole organisms screen for potency resulting from chemical activity at the target site. However, many potentially insecticidal compounds are naturally detoxified in vivo and do not make it to the target site. It is hypothesised that insect strains with their xenobiotic detoxification machinery(More)
Background: Prediabetes is a precursor condition to type 2 diabetes mellitus. Previous research and clinical trials have shown that the onset of type 2 diabetes could be delayed or prevented through structured life style modifications such as dietary changes, modest weight loss and moderate-intensity exercise. This study examines U.S adults of different(More)
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