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Web 2.0 applications place new and different demands on servers compared to their Web 1.0 counterparts. Simultaneously , the definitive arrival of pay-as-you-go " cloud computing " and the proliferation of application development stacks present new and different degrees of freedom in deploying and tuning software-as-a-service. We first identify non-obvious(More)
OBJECTIVE We evaluated whether outpatient intravenous ketamine infusions were satisfactory for pain relief in patients suffering from various chronic intractable pain syndromes. DESIGN Retrospective chart review. SETTING AND PATIENTS Following Institutional Review Board approval, we retrospectively analyzed our database for all ketamine infusions(More)
The evolution of cloud-computing imposes many challenges on performance testing and requires not only a different approach and methodology of performance evaluation and analysis, but also specialized tools and frameworks to support such work. In traditional performance testing, typically a single workload was run against a static test configuration. The(More)
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