Sheetal Jadhav

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Next Generation Wireless Networks (NGWNs) focus on convergence of different Radio Access Technologies (RATs) providing good Quality of Service (QoS) for applications such as Voice over IP traffic (VoIP) and video streaming. The voice applications over IP networks are growing rapidly due to their increasing popularity and cost. To meet the demand of(More)
Pseudomonas desmolyticum NCIM 2112 was able to degrade a diazo dye Direct Blue-6 (100 mg l(-1)) completely within 72 h of incubation with 88.95% reduction in COD in static anoxic condition. Induction in the activity of oxidative enzymes (LiP, laccase) and tyrosinase while decolorization in the batch culture represents their role in degradation. Dye also(More)
The 16S rRNA sequence and biochemical characteristics revealed the isolated organism as Pseudomonas sp. SU-EBT. This strain showed 97 and 90% decolorization of a recalcitrant dye, Congo red (100 mg l−1) and textile industry effluent with 50% reduction in COD within 12 and 60 h, respectively. The optimum pH and temperature for the decolorization was 8.0 and(More)
AIMS To isolate the potential micro-organism for the degradation of textile disperse dye Brown 3 REL and to find out the reaction mechanism. METHODS AND RESULTS 16S rDNA analysis revealed an isolate from textile effluent contaminated soil as Bacillus sp. VUS and was able to degrade (100%) dye Brown 3REL within 8 h at static anoxic condition. A significant(More)
A high exhaust reactive dye, Green HE4B (GHE4B) was 98% degraded in nutrient medium by Pseudomonas desmolyticum NCIM 2112 (pd2112) within 72 h at static condition. Decolorization time in synthetic 10 g/l molasses. Addition of 5 g/l peptone to NaCl medium had reduced decolorization time from 108 to 72 h. Beef extract do not contribute more to the inducing(More)
Galactomyces geotrichum MTCC 1360 degraded the Scarlet RR (100 mg/l) dye within 18 h, under shaking conditions (150 rpm) in malt yeast medium. The optimum pH and the temperature for decolorization were pH 12 and 50 degrees , respectively. Enzymatic studies revealed an induction of the enzymes, including flavin reductase during the initial stage and lignin(More)
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the most important technologies in the world of communication. Around 20 years of research on VoIP, some Quality of Service (QoS) problems of VoIP are still remaining. During the past decade and with growing of wireless technologies, we have seen that many papers turn their concentration from Wired-LAN to(More)
Next Generation Wireless Networks (NGWNs) are expected to provide high data rate and optimized quality of service to multimedia and real-time applications over the Internet Protocol (IP) networks. To achieve these goals, handover plays a very critical role in maintaining the seamless connectivity when mobile terminals move across different cells or(More)
Localised alveolar ridge defect denotes to volumetric inadequacy of the limited extent of bone and soft tissue within the alveolar process. Such type of ridge deficiencies can be corrected by surgical ridge augmentation which can be achieved by the addition of either soft or hard tissues. The contour of a partially edentulous ridge should be carefully(More)
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