Sheeraz Akram

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Face recognition in today's technological world, and face recognition applications attain much more importance. Most of the existing work used frontal face images to classify face image. However these techniques fail when applied on real world face images. The proposed technique effectively extracts the prominent facial features. Most of the features are(More)
An automated pulmonary nodule detection system is necessary to help radiologist to identify and detect the nodules at early stage. In this paper, a novel pulmonary nodule detection system is proposed using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) based on hybrid features consist of 2D and 3D Geometric and Intensity based statistical features. The lung volume is(More)
Facial expressions classification is a fast growing research area. Lots of contribution has been made in this area by researchers from fields of computer science, computer vision, artificial intelligence and psychology. There are many applications that use facial expression classification to identify the behavior, emotion, feelings and opinion of a person.(More)
In this paper, the threshold value of overlapped circular region is calculated. The lung volume is segmented by thresholding, lung lobe extraction, hole filling and contour corrected. The regions of interest are segmented from extracted lung volume. The candidate nodules are selected from the ROIs. The features of candidate nodules are extracted. Artificial(More)
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