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We provide high-speed ultrasound data on the four Mangetti Dune ‫ۇ‬Xung clicks. The posterior constriction is uvular for all four clicks—front uvular for [ ܳ ‫]ۄ‬ and [‫]ۅ‬ and back uvular for [ʫ‫]ڞ‬ and [ʫ‫.]ۆ‬ [ʫ‫]ڞ‬ and [ʫ‫]ۆ‬ both involve tongue center lowering and tongue root retraction as part of the rarefaction gestures. The rarefaction gestures in(More)
We document the acoustics of the four Mangetti Dune !Xung coronal clicks. We report the temporal measures of burst duration, relative burst amplitude and rise time, as well as the spectral value of center of gravity in the click bursts. COG correlates with lingual cavity volume. We show that there is inter-speaker variation in the acoustics of the palatal(More)
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