Sheena Johnson

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PURPOSE We present here a simulator for interventional radiology focusing on percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (PTC). This procedure consists of inserting a needle into the biliary tree using fluoroscopy for guidance. METHODS The requirements of the simulator have been driven by a task analysis. The three main components have been identified: the(More)
= {We present an integrated system for training visceral needle puncture procedures. Our aim is to provide a cost effective and validated training tool that uses actual patient data to enable interventional radiology trainees to learn how to carry out image-guided needle puncture. The input data required is a computed tomography scan of the patient that is(More)
PURPOSE Training in Interventional Radiology currently uses the apprenticeship model, where clinical and technical skills of invasive procedures are learnt during practice in patients. This apprenticeship training method is increasingly limited by regulatory restrictions on working hours, concerns over patient risk through trainees' inexperience and the(More)
OBJECTIVE This study developed and validated a virtual reality (VR) simulator for use by interventional radiologists. BACKGROUND Research in the area of skill acquisition reports practice as essential to become a task expert. Studies on simulation show skills learned in VR can be successfully transferred to a real-world task. Recently, with improvements(More)
Three experiments were conducted to evaluate methods to decrease or eliminate the detection of estrus inherent to a melengestrol acetate (MGA)-PGF2alpha (PGF) protocol for synchronization of estrus in heifers. In each experiment, all heifers received 0.5 mg of MGA x animal(-1) x d(-1) for 14 d (d -32 to -19) and PGF (25 mg, i.m.; d 0, 0 h) 19 d after the(More)
Simulator with Real-time Breathing Motion}, journal = {International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery}, year = 2009, volume = 4, pages = {571-578}, number = 9, month = nov, abstract = {Purpose: We present here a simulator for interventional radiology focusing on percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography (PTC). This procedure consists of(More)
Contents of this publication may be freely reproduced for educational purposes. All other rights reserved. In each case, give credit to the author(s), name of work, Kansas state University, and the date the work was published. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, commonly called " mad cow disease " by members of the media, found its way into the United States(More)
Edward Taylor indicates an awareness of 17 th century religious melancholy in his " Preparatory Meditations, " but the minister is largely excluded from current discourse surrounding religious melancholy in Puritan communities. Taylor's presence in this conversation serves to further understanding of religious melancholy in America and also of the complex(More)
In vascular interventional radiology, procedures generally start with the Seldinger technique to access the vasculature, using a needle through which a guidewire is inserted, followed by navigation of catheters within the vessels. Visual and tactile skills are learnt in a patient apprenticeship which is expensive and risky for patients. We propose a(More)
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