Sheena Erete

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Challenges of the local context such as encouraging civic engagement and facilitating collaboration to address local issues have motivated researchers and practitioners to explore the role of technologies in supporting life in cities, neighborhoods, and local communities. The goal of this workshop is to open a discussion on how to design, build and study(More)
In this paper, we describe how people perceive the use of social media to support crime prevention in their communities. Based on survey and interview data from residents in high- and low-crime neighborhoods in Chicago, we found that African Americans, people from high-crime neighborhoods, and people with low levels of trust in local police are less likely(More)
In this paper, we examine online conversations about a Chicago neighborhood that is currently transitioning from a lower to a higher socioeconomic population (otherwise known as "gentrifying"). Based on patterns identified in the online conversations, we present our findings related to social disorder as it was one of the most prevalent topics. Our results(More)
While women use technology to mediate numerous aspects of their professional and personal lives, few are actively involved in designing and creating the computational devices and software programs they use on a daily basis. The decline in the number of women in computer science and engineering courses is well documented at each level of advancement, and(More)
The goal of this workshop is to facilitate a discussion around the ways in which research and design methods can be better tailored to support and engage underserved communities. We aim to create a publicly accessible repository of tools to support research and design efforts with underserved communities and to facilitate critical conversations about(More)
The partnership between local residents and city officials to inform policy and decision-making about government resources, or participatory governance, has been extensively studied. In addition to numerous ethnographic studies about how citizens engage in-person, there has been increased focus in HCI to understand the impact of technology on citizen(More)
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