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Lung cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in the world and is the second commonest cancer according to hospital-based data from Kashmir, India. The objective of this study was to assess the histopathological pattern of primary malignant tumours of lung at a tertiary care hospital among smokers and non-smokers of both sexes. A total of 783 cases(More)
Metastatic breast carcinoma is rarely seen in clinical practice. It has been reported that lymphoma-leukemia, melanoma and sarcomas can metastasize to the breast. Bilateral metastases to the breast are rare and commonly have been seen to originate from ovarian carcinoma. Adenocarcinoma of rectum metastasizing to breast is an extremely rare(More)
Human hydatid disease, or echinococcosis, is a helminthic infection that leads to the formation of fluid-filled cysts in the liver, lungs and other organs. Breast, is a rare primary site of hydatid disease. We report a case of a 45 years old female who presented with a breast lump of 2 years duration. On fine needle aspiration cytology a diagnosis of(More)
Leiomyomas are benign tumors arising from any site containing smooth muscle. They are infrequently found in the genitourinary tract,most common site here being renal capsule. Rarely they may found in the epididymis ,spermatic cord and tunica. Leiomyoma of tunica albuginea is extremely rare. Here we report a case of leiomyoma of tunica albuginea in a 50 year(More)
Lung cancer is the most frequently diagnosed major cancer in the world and is the leading cause of cancerrelated mortality in both men and women(Brambella et al., 2001; Hussain, 2010). This is largely due to carcinogenic effects of cigarette smoke. Over the coming decades, changes in smoking habits will greatly influence lung cancer incidence and mortality(More)
BACKGROUND Eosinophilic granuloma (EG) of bone refers to a generally benign form of Langerhans cell histiocytosis localized to the bone. Patients may present with a solitary lesion (monostotic) or multiple sites of involvement (polyostotic). MATERIALS AND METHODS This study was done to evaluate the clinicopathological pattern of 6 cases of EGs of the(More)
Sweet's syndrome encompasses a variety of neutrophilic dermatosis characterized by acute onset of erythematous, edematous, painful papules, plaques and nodules associated with systemic symptoms, peripheral blood leukocytosis and histological findings of dense neutrophilic infiltrate. Ten patients were diagnosed during a period of one year. The patient(More)
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