Sheela Siddappa

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The fleet assignment model assigns a fleet of aircraft types to the scheduled flight legs in an airline timetable published six to twelve weeks prior to the departure of the aircraft. The objective is to maximize profit. While costs associated with assigning a particular fleet type to a leg are easy to estimate, the revenues are based upon demand, which is(More)
Sheela Siddappa is a Researcher at General Motors in Bangalore, India. She holds a PhD in industrial engineering from The University of Texas at Arlington. Her research interests include revenue management, statistical regression, and optimization under uncertainty. Dirk Günther is a Principal at Sabre Holdings in Witten, Germany. He holds a PhD in(More)
We develop an overbooking approach for airline revenue management. We estimate a revenue function by employing a statistical modeling approach, specifically a multivariate adaptive regression splines approximation of a stochastic network model. We develop an overbooking cost function using a binomial distribution to model the number of customers that show(More)
Revenue management (RM) aims to maximize a company’s revenue by allocating the right seat to the right customer. In this paper, we present an approach based on a Markov decision process (MDP) formulation. Our approach involves an off-line phase that derives a policy for accepting/rejecting customer booking requests, and an on-line phase that conducts the(More)
The proliferation of data mining techniques is common across various corporate functions in an organization to discover deeper insights for making better decisions. One such opportunity emerges in the procurement function to streamline the process of procuring indirect materials. This paper proposes a two-step approach 1) adaption of association rule mining(More)
iv ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The dissertation work would not have been possible without the support, guidance, and advice from my supervising professors Dr. Their courses have benefited me greatly during my doctoral studies. Also, thanks to all my friends in the COSMOS lab Wen, as well as Jawahar Veera in the Robotics lab. They made my life in COSMOS fulfilling both(More)
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