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Proteoglycans have been extracted from rabbit corneal stromas at developmental stages from fetal to adult. Ion exchange fractionation and gel chromatography show that proteodermatan sulfates decrease in sulfation and relative amount and proteokeratan sulfates increase in sulfation and relative amount during development. There are small increases in size of(More)
Macromolecules from normal rabbit cornea and cornea containing a 2-mm diameter button of scar tissue were biosynthetically labeled with 35S-sulfate and 3H-glucosamine in vivo and in organ culture. Labeled macromolecules, including proteoglycans (PGs) extracted from the normal cornea, scar tissue, and corneal tissue adjacent to the scar with guanidine(More)
OBJECTIVE: Little is known about how the biochemical properties of collagen change during tissue regeneration following cartilage damage. In the current study, temporal changes in cartilage repair tissue biochemistry were assessed in a rabbit osteochondral defect. DESIGN: Bilateral full thickness 3mm osteochondral trochlear groove defects were created in(More)
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