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Rifampicin preparations for internal use and their bioavailability
: Bioavailability of rifampicin in 150 mg capsules manufactured by 5 different companies was studied. Conditions for investigation of the rate of the antibiotic transfer into solution with the use ofExpand
The effect of the vole subspecies of the plague microbe on the viability of Callopsylla caspia fleas
When infected with cultures of plague microbe reared at 28 C the experimental fleas showed no reliable differences in the mortality as compared to control ones. By contrast, the infection with agentExpand
Characteristics of the multiplication of a virulent strain of the plague microbe in Xenopsylla cheopis fleas infected parenterally
: Xenopsylla cheopis fleas infected parenterally with the virulent strain of plague microbe of gerbil variant preserved the agent to the end of their lives. In the body cavity the microbes retainedExpand