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OBJECTIVE To explore the difference between anxiety and depression among infertile and fertile women. METHODS The study was conducted in 2009 and comprised fertile and infertile women. The sample of infertile women was drawn from the Liaquat National Hospital, Patel Hospital, Infertility Concept and Zainub Hospital, located in urban areas of Karachi,(More)
A new approach to time frequency transform and pattern recognition of non-Stationary power signals is presented in this paper. In the proposed work Visual localization, detection and classification of non-stationary power signals are achieved using HS-Transform and automatic pattern recognition is carried out using fuzzy C-means based Genetic algorithm.(More)
The paper presents an adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter (AUKF) for the estimation of non-stationary signal amplitude and frequency in the presence of significant noise and harmonics. The initial choice of the model and measurement error covariance matrices Q and R along with other UKF parameters is performed using a modified Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)(More)
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