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Monks Who Have Sex: Pārājika Penance in Indian Buddhist Monasticisms
AbstractIn the study of Buddhism it is commonly accepted that a monk or nun who commits a pārājika offence is permanently and irrevocably expelled from the Buddhist monastic order. This view is basedExpand
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Family Matters in Indian Buddhist Monasticisms
Scholarly and popular consensus has painted a picture of Indian Buddhist monasticism in which monks and nuns severed all ties with their families when they left home for the religious life. In thisExpand
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The Rhinoceros in the Room
Former Wives from Former Lives
When and Where is a Monk No Longer a Monk? On Communion and Communities in Indian Buddhist Monastic Law Codes
Indian Buddhist monks and nuns who commit pārājika offences are generally deemed to be asamvāsa ("not in communion"). In this paper I question the simplistic equation of asamvāsa with "expulsion." IExpand
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