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—Benchmarks are widely used to perform apples-to-apples comparison in a controlled and reliable fashion. Benchmarks must model real world workload behavior. In recent years, to meet web scale demands, Key-Value (KV) stores have emerged as a vital component of cloud serving systems. The Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB) has emerged as the standard(More)
The authors studied the language patterns of schizophrenic mothers and their 4-year-old children, and compared them with the speech of normal mothers and children and normal mothers with autistic children. They found that children of schizophrenic mothers showed lags in language development and language distortions less severe than but in some ways similar(More)
—Maintaining information privacy is challenging when sharing data across a distributed long-term datastore. In such applications, secret splitting the data across independent sites has been shown to be a superior alternative to fixed-key encryption; it improves reliability, reduces the risk of insider threat, and removes the issues surrounding key(More)
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