Shayna Gardiner

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Bright solitons are non-dispersive wave solutions, arising in a diverse range of nonlinear, one-dimensional systems, including atomic Bose-Einstein condensates with attractive interactions. In reality, cold-atom experiments can only approach the idealized one-dimensional limit necessary for the realization of true solitons. Nevertheless, it remains possible(More)
This first variationist study of ancient Egyptian examines variation between two possessive constructions in Middle (c. 2000 BC – 1350 BC) and Late (C. 1350 BC – 700 BC) Egyptian. The first is an older and socially prestigious variant, while the second is an innovative and socially stigmatized variant (Allen, 2010; Gardiner, 1957). The analysis is based on(More)
Quantum field theory of dilute homogeneous Bose-Fermi mixtures at zero temperature: general formalism and beyond mean-field corrections Abstract We consider a dilute homogeneous mixture of bosons and spin-polarized fermions at zero temperature. We first construct the formal scheme for carrying out systematic perturbation theory in terms of single particle(More)
We show that mode locking finds a purely quantum nondissipative counterpart in atom-optical quantum accelerator modes. These modes are formed by exposing cold atoms to periodic kicks in the direction of the gravitational field. They are anchored to generalized Arnol'd tongues, parameter regions where driven nonlinear classical systems exhibit mode locking.(More)
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