Shayna A Liberman

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Recent advances in genomic technologies now enable a reunion of molecular and evolutionary biology. Researchers investigating naturally living animal populations are thus increasingly able to capitalize upon genomic technologies to connect molecular findings with multiple levels of biological organization. Using this vertical approach in the laboratory,(More)
Genetic loci displaying environmentally responsive epigenetic marks, termed metastable epialleles, offer a solution to the paradox presented by genetically identical yet phenotypically distinct individuals. The murine viable yellow agouti (A (vy) ) metastable epiallele exhibits stochastic DNA methylation and histone modifications associated with coat color(More)
PP/MMT nanocomposites were prepared by solution intercalation using sonication and quiescent conditions, and the effects on the morphological, thermal and mechanical properties were evaluated by WAXD, TEM, DMA, TGA and DSC analyses. The present study aims to clarify the effects of ultrasound use on the organoclay surface with different amounts of organic(More)
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