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With the rapid growth of wireless technologies and increasing number of mobile digital devices, mobility has been an important element on the Internet. NEMO Basic Support, designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to provide network mobility, is not efficient to offer low latency handoff in the case of nested mobile networks because it produces(More)
A group key management has an important role in multicast security in order to achieve data integrity and confidentiality. The session key is a common secret key for a group of users in key trees that is shared securely and efficiently among them. It is used to encrypt other session keys and transmitted data in order to protect group communication. This(More)
As the Internet becomes more and more accessible, claims for mobility are not limited anymore to single hosts. Supporting networks' roaming that move as one entity is required in order to enable the transparency of Internet in mobile platforms, like cars, trains, planes, buses, etc. To accomplish this, NEMO Basic Support has been proposed and developed by(More)
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