Shayan Shahnia

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The non-deterministic nature of photon sources is a key limitation for single-photon quantum processors. Spatial multiplexing overcomes this by enhancing the heralded single-photon yield without enhancing the output noise. Here the intrinsic statistical limit of an individual source is surpassed by spatially multiplexing two monolithic silicon-based(More)
In this Letter we demonstrate frequency conversion in the single-photon regime through Bragg-scattering four-wave mixing with near-unit efficiency in a 750 m long commercially available dispersion-engineered highly nonlinear fiber, where all photons and pump laser frequencies are in the low-loss telecommunications band. We achieve 99.1%±4.9% downconversion(More)
An unprecedented Brillouin gain of 44 dB in a photonic chip enables the realization of broadly tunable and reconfigurable integrated microwave photonic filters. More than a decade bandwidth reconfigurability from 30 up to 440 MHz, with a passband ripple <1.9  dB is achieved by tailoring the Brillouin pump. The filter central frequency is continuously tuned(More)
In the microwave domain, signal interference bandstop filters with high extinction and wide stopbands are achieved through destructive interference of two signals. Implementation of this filtering concept using RF photonics will lead to unique filters with high performance, enhanced tuning range and reconfigurability. Here we demonstrate an RF photonic(More)
Microwave photonic cancellation notch filters have been shown capable of achieving ultra-high suppressions independently from the strength of optical resonant filter they use, making them an attractive candidate for on-chip signal processing. Their operation, based on destructive interference in the electrical domain, requires precise control of the phase(More)
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