Shaya Fainman

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Dedicated optical connections have significant advantages over shared internet connections. The OptIPuter project ( uses medical and earth sciences imaging as application drivers. Quartzite (UCSD) and Starlight (Chicago) create unique combinations of OEO routers and OOO and wavelength-selective optical switches. Over campus and state fiber(More)
We perform 3D cross-correlation measurements of the optical field distribution resulting from an ultrashort pulse propagating in 6 meters of multimode fiber. Spatial amplitude and phase distributions of the optical field at the output of the fiber are measured using a time-gated spatial heterodyne interferometer as a function of time delay between the(More)
Disclaimer The material in this document reflects the collective views, ideas, opinions and findings of the study participants and contributors only, and not those of any of the universities, corporations, or other institutions with which they are affiliated. Furthermore, the material in this document does not reflect the official views, ideas, opinions(More)
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