Shay M Davis

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Puberty onset in female sheep is marked by a decrease in estradiol-negative feedback, allowing for the increase in GnRH and LH pulses that heralds the first ovulation. Based on recent genetic studies in humans, two possible neuropeptides that could promote puberty onset are kisspeptin and neurokinin B (NKB). Our first experiment determined whether the NKB(More)
The 16-androstene steroids, one of the principal causes of boar taint, are synthesized in the testis by the andien-beta synthase enzyme system. This system has been shown in vitro to involve both cytochrome P450c17 and cytochrome b5. The objective of this work was to investigate the relationship between the levels of cytochrome b5 in the testis, in vitro(More)
Although corticosteroids are known to be immunosuppressive, there have been no studies to show that use of corticosteroids increases the risk of developing new tuberculosis or reactivating old tuberculosis. In fact, corticosteroids are recommended for the treatment of several forms of tuberculosis, such as pleural tuberculosis, genitourinary tuberculosis,(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe a patient who developed toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) possibly secondary to lamotrigine use. CASE SUMMARY A 74-year-old white man with a history of probable complex partial seizures was admitted to the neurology service for a prolonged postictal state. His antiepileptic regimen was changed while he was in the hospital to include(More)
Gingyo-san is a crude drug containing extracts from 7 medicinal plants and fermented soybeans in a specific ratio. It has been used clinically in China as a therapeutic agent for the common cold. In the present study, we examined the antiviral effect of this agent on influenza virus infection in mice. Gingyo-san and its components were administered orally(More)
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