Shawnee Cohn

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BACKGROUND Avoiding excess energy intake and rapid weight gain during infancy may be effective in preventing childhood obesity. We developed a programme for healthy growth and nutrition in formula milk-fed babies. The aim of this study was to understand users' perspectives about the programme and planned trial. METHODS We conducted three focus group(More)
BACKGROUND Refugee doctors constitute a potentially valuable resource for reducing the recruitment crisis in psychiatry. However, various hurdles make their route into the National Health Service (NHS) difficult. AIMS To explore the perceptions and experiences of refugee doctors trying to practise psychiatry in the UK. METHOD Thirty-one refugee doctors(More)
Ingroup preferences when deciding who to include in two distinct intergroup contexts, gender and school affiliation, were investigated. Children and adolescents, in the 4 th (9-10 years) and 8 th (13-14 years) grades, chose between including someone in their group who shared their group norm (moral or conventional) or who shared their group membership(More)
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