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The Image of Assyria in Isaiah 2:5-22 : The Campaign Motif Reversed
In 1983, Peter Machinist published an essay entitled "Assyria and its Image in the First Isaiah."1 In it, he demonstrated that many passages in First Isaiah describe Assyria in lan guage closelyExpand
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Transmission of Neo-Assyrian Claims of Empire to Judah in the Late Eighth Century B.C.E.
That Isaiah of Jerusalem was aware of the language of Neo-Assyrian royal inscriptions and of Neo-Assyrian imperial daims is well-recognized. While scholars have addressed these borrowings, they haveExpand
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“Bread of the Dungheap”: Light on Num. 21:5 from the Tell Fekherye Inscription
The discrete narrative unit in Numbers 21:4-9 contains two interpretive problems. One of these has long been recognized: the phrase in v. 5 contains the hapax form . The various interpretationsExpand
Akkadian Bulluṭu and Hebrew רפא: Pardon and Loyalty in Hosea and in Neo-Assyrian Political Texts
Abstract:As has long been recognized, Hosea uses the verb to describe YHWH pardoning Israel. This article argues that Hosea expands the meaning of Hebrew from "to heal" to "remitting a punishment."Expand
Critical Note: What Was Doeg the Edomite's Title? Textual Emendation versus a Comparative Approach to 1 Samuel 21:8
(ProQuest Information and Learning: ... denotes formula omitted.) (ProQuest Information and Learning: ... denotes non-USASCII text omitted.) And a man from among the courtiers of Saul was there onExpand
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The Unbeatable Light: Melammu and Its Biblical Parallels
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