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Facing stringent regulations on wastewater discharge containing heavy metal ions, various industries are demanding more efficient and effective treatment methods. Among the methods available, nanofiltration (NF) is a feasible and promising option. However, the development of new membrane materials is constantly required for the advancement of this(More)
Novel composite membranes comprising sulfonated styrenic Nexar pentablock copolymers were developed by dip-coating on poly(ether imide) hollow fibers for pervaporation dehydration of C2-C4 alcohols. The advantages of using block copolymers as the selective layer are (1) their effectiveness to synergize the physicochemical properties of different chemical(More)
Forward osmosis (FO) has attracted wide attention in recent years. However, the FO performance may be restricted due to internal concentration polarization (ICP) and fast fouling propensity that occurs in the membrane sublayer. Particularly, these problems significantly affect the membrane performance when treating highly contaminated oily wastewater.(More)
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