Shawn Standefer

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We present an extension of the basic revision theory of circular definitions with a unary operator, 2. We present a Fitch-style proof system that is sound and complete with respect to the extended semantics. The logic of the box gives rise to a simple modal logic, and we relate provability in the extended proof system to this modal logic via a completeness(More)
Course outline: Proof theory is the study of formal proof systems. We will focus on sequent systems, which are proof systems in which one reasons about consequence statements, e.g. A,B ` C. Sequent systems, in contrast to some proof systems, usually contain few axioms but have many rules. In this course, we present an introduction to the proof theory, with(More)
We argue that distinct conditionals—conditionals that are governed by different logics—are needed to formalize the rules of Truth Introduction and Truth Elimination. We show that revision theory, when enriched with the new conditionals, yields an attractive theory of truth. We go on to compare this theory with one recently proposed by Hartry Field.
The general idea of perception is the recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli based on memory and neurological processes that underlie this ability. In this paper I will review and contrast two major approaches to understanding perception: the AI inspired view of perception as passive computational processing of environmental sensory input and the(More)
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