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We examined the relationship between perceived workload and performance by evaluating the responses of police officers to 4 different draw-and-shoot tasks in a night field training exercise which was part of their regular training regimen. Sixty-two police officers volunteered to participate. Results demonstrated an associative trend among 3 tasks where(More)
A recent advance on Signal Detection Theory (SDT) promises to enhance measurement of performance in complex real world domains. This development, Fuzzy Signal Detection Theory (FSDT), combines traditional SDT with Fuzzy Set Theory to extend signal detection analysis beyond the traditional crisp, categorical model. FSDT permits events to simultaneously be in(More)
In recent years we have constructed closely packed spheres using the Lubachevsky-Stillinger algorithm to generate morphological models of heterogeneous solid propellants. Improvements to the algorithm now allow us to create large polydisperse packs on a laptop computer, and to create monodisperse packs with packing fractions greater than 70% which display(More)
One vital responsibility of all law enforcement officers lies in their obligation to defend themselves and those around them in the event of a violent threat. The best tool available to them to perform this duty is their sidearm and their skill in using it. To evaluate the efficiency of this tool use, seventy-one police officers participated in a field(More)
The purpose of the studies reported here was to determine if participants wearing a purposed-designed tactile display could accurately report cue localization and messaging while undergoing different levels of physiological stress. Experiment 1 found that participants could effectively receive tactile messaging while navigating a physically challenging(More)
Police officers’ threat perception of static images was examined using images reflecting the range of five threat categories on which police officers are trained. Thirteen experienced officers from a police departments in the southeastern United States participated in this study. Officers rated their perceived threat level for 110 images that were presented(More)
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