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Ten antigenic sites on canine parvovirus (CPV) were mapped with a complete set of overlapping nonapeptides of the capsid proteins VP1 and VP2: five of these sites were recognized by sera from CPV-infected dogs, three were recognized by a rabbit anti-CPV antiserum, and two were recognized by murine monoclonal anti-CPV antibodies. A region covering the first(More)
Program stakeholders are interested in better understanding farmers' experience, and factors that affect farmer participation in the relatively new Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) program, implemented in several provinces in Canada. To increase relevance of the research findings to EFP program administrators and policy makers, the research methods emphasised(More)
We observe that the diffusive spin current in a strongly interacting degenerate Fermi gas of (40)K precesses about the local magnetization. As predicted by Leggett and Rice, precession is observed both in the Ramsey phase of a spin-echo sequence, and in the nonlinearity of the magnetization decay. At unitarity, we measure a Leggett-Rice parameter γ=1.08(9)(More)
We measure the transport properties of two-dimensional ultracold Fermi gases during transverse demagnetization in a magnetic field gradient. Using a phase-coherent spin-echo sequence, we are able to distinguish bare spin diffusion from the Leggett-Rice effect, in which demagnetization is slowed by the precession of a spin current around the local(More)
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