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Managers frequently cite the desire to mitigate asymmetric information as a motivation for increasing firm focus. The information benefits of focus appear relevant for the subset of firms that actually increase their focus; however, the relevance of focus-related information benefits for the population of diversified firms is an open question. This paper(More)
*We thank Wei-Lin Liu and seminar participants at the University of Virginia for helpful comments. Hoon-Taek Seo provided superb research assistance. All errors remain our own. ABSTRACT We assemble a sample of over 10,000 customer-supplier relationships and determine whether the customer owns equity in the supplier. We find that factors related to both(More)
Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) is required for smooth muscle cell (SMC) proliferation. This study reports that inhibitors of PI3K also prevent SMC migration and block neointimal hyperplasia in an organ culture model of restenosis. Inhibition of neointimal formation by LY-294002 was concentration and time dependent, with 10 muM yielding the maximal(More)
We assess the market microstructure properties of U.S. banking firms' equity, to determine whether they exhibit more or less evidence of asset opaqueness than similar-sized nonbanking firms. The evidence strongly indicates that large banks (traded on the NYSE) have very similar trading properties to their matched nonfinancial firms, but smaller banks(More)
Angiotensin II (AngII) functions as a stress hormone under conditions of stretch, pressure and injury to stimulate smooth muscle cell migration and proliferation. Since the cellular response to stress is mediated in part by the transcription factor NF-kappaB, the relationship between AngII and NF-kappaB was investigated. Our study revealed that AngII(More)
We investigate the upstream and downstream product-market effects of a large sample of horizontal mergers and acquisitions from 1980 to 1997. We construct a data set that identifies the corporate customers, suppliers, and rivals of the firms initiating horizontal mergers and use this data set to examine announcement-related stock market revaluations and(More)
γ-Tocotrienol (γ-T3) is a member of the vitamin E family. Recently, γ-T3 has attracted the attention of the scientific community due to its potent anticancer activity and other therapeutic benefits. The objective of this study was to develop and validate a simple and practical reversed-phase HPLC method with satisfactory sensitivity for the routine(More)
ADP-ribosylation has been coupled to intracellular events associated with smooth muscle cell vasoreactivity, cytoskeletal integrity and free radical damage. Additionally, there is evidence that ADP-ribosylation is required for smooth muscle cell proliferation. Our investigation employed selective inhibitors to establish that mono-ADP-ribosylation and not(More)
This report examines SAT and ACT participation and performance in Texas for the class of 2008. Statewide examination results for students in Texas public schools and for students in Texas public and nonpublic schools combined are presented. Data are provided by ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status. The report also provides descriptions and brief(More)
Additional Acknowledgments Special thanks to Rosemary Reshetar, Andrew Wiley, and Kay Wilson with the College Board for reviewing this report. Abstract. This report reviews Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) examination participation and performance in Texas during the 2009-10 school year. Campus-, district-, and state-level(More)