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Street Trees and Equity: Evaluating the Spatial Distribution of an Urban Amenity
While urban disamenities and pollution sources have received considerable attention in environmental justice research, few studies have examined sociospatial inequities associated with theExpand
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A comparative analysis of high spatial resolution IKONOS and WorldView-2 imagery for mapping urban tree species
Abstract Urban forest tree species mapping has benefitted from advances in remote sensing techniques. In this study, we explored the potential of the newly developed high resolution satellite sensor,Expand
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Spatial distribution of vegetation in Montreal: An uneven distribution or environmental inequity?
Growing evidence is showing that across North American cities, underprivileged populations and racial and/or visible groups have disproportionally less access to vegetation than affluent groups,Expand
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Object-based urban detailed land cover classification with high spatial resolution IKONOS imagery
Improvement in remote sensing techniques in spatial/spectral resolution strengthens their applicability for urban environmental study. Expand
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Predictors of the distribution of street and backyard vegetation in Montreal, Canada
Abstract Urban vegetation is shown to be unevenly distributed across cities and there is evidence of disparities in benefits provided by vegetation and of public health problems induced by urban heatExpand
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City of Tampa Urban Ecological Analysis
FOR-203, a 2-page executive summary by Michael G. Andreu, Melissa H. Friedman, Shawn M. Landry, and Robert J. Northrop, summarizes a report of an ecological assessment of the city of Tampa’s urbanExpand
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Disentangling the effects of urban form and socio-demographic context on street tree cover: A multi-level analysis from Montréal
Street trees provide a wide range of benefits for cities. Street tree cover (STC) is explained by urban form, social stratification and lifestyle theories that operate at multiple scales. In thisExpand
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Assessing the Potential of Multi-Seasonal High Resolution Pléiades Satellite Imagery for Mapping Urban Tree Species
The multi-season Pleiades image data were compared and analyzed for their capabilities of classifying and mapping the seven urban forest tree species in the City of Tampa, FL, USA to understand theExpand
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Human and biophysical legacies shape contemporary urban forests: A literature synthesis
Abstract Understanding how urban forests developed their current patterns of tree canopy cover, species composition, and diversity requires an appreciation of historical legacy effects. However,Expand
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