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On first order optimality of a change detection algorithm in a vector case, " Automat. The problem of the most rapid detection of a disturbance in a stationary regime, " Sov. Abstract— The constant false alarm rate (CFAR) matched subspace detector (CFAR MSD) is the uniformly most-powerful-invariant test and the generalized likelihood ratio test (GLRT) for(More)
—We consider the detection of an unknown and arbitrary rank-one signal in a spatial sector scanned by a small number of beams. We address the problem of finding the maximal invariant for the problem at hand and show that it consists of the ratio of the eigenvalues of a Wishart matrix to its trace. Next, we derive the generalized-likelihood ratio test (GLRT)(More)
In previous work, a matched-field estimate of aircraft altitude from multiple over-the-horizon radar dwells was presented. This approach exploits the altitude dependence of direct and surface reflected returns off the aircraft and the relative phase changes of these micro-multipath arrivals across radar dwells. Since this previous approach assumed high(More)
— In this paper we analyze the performance of an autoregressive MIMO channel predictor on outdoor data collected with both vehicular and pedestrian transmitter motion. The metric of performance considered is aggregate beamforming gain obtained using dominant eigenmode MIMO communications when the transmit beamforming vector is chosen based on the channel(More)
In this paper, the problem of informed-transmitter cooperative MIMO communications is addressed. The informed-transmitter link assumes that the distributed transmit nodes have access to channel state information. The channel state information includes the channel between the transmit and receive antenna arrays and a statistical model for interference(More)