Shawn G. Thomas

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1. Whole-cell recordings were made from rat nodose ganglion neurones in culture and from human embryonic kidney (HEK293) cells stably transfected to express P2X2, P2X3 or both receptor subunits. We examined the blocking actions of 2',3'-O-trinitrophenyl-ATP (TNP-ATP) on currents evoked by the agonists ATP and alpha, beta-methylene ATP. 2. In cells(More)
P2X receptors are membrane proteins that incorporate a cation-selective ion channel that can be opened by the binding of extracellular ATP. They associate as hetero- and homo-multimers of currently unknown stoichiometry. In this study, we have used Xenopus laevis oocytes to express rat P2X(2) receptor subunits, which carry a cysteine mutation at position(More)
FMRFamide-like peptide (FLP) amino acid sequences have been collected and statistically analyzed. FLP amino acid composition as a function of position in the peptide is graphically presented for several major phyla. Results of total amino acid composition and frequencies of pairs of FLP amino acids have been computed and compared with corresponding values(More)
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